Southern Athletics League Match 2 – women’s match report

A massive thank you to all the ladies who came out to play, we didn’t manage to cover all events but we did well in the events that we did cover. Good luck to all the ladies who have exams this week and had to miss the competition, hope everything goes smoothly and you get the results you need.

Despite great efforts from the men’s and ladies teams we came third overall to Medway & Maidstone and Holland Sports – full results available here.

It was lovely to welcome a new face Bryony Deakin who surprised herself with a great 1500m and also stepped into run a very good leg of 4x100m.

Katy Barber ran a good 100m, 200m 4x100m and provided great amusement to Simon by helping out with the 4x400m which she ran very well.

Rebecca Townsend got back into her running stride with 800m, followed by a last minute decision to run B string 400m as well as 4x100m and 4x400m and even did Long Jump, shot and Javelin.

Kim Weir won her Hammer and also threw discus for us.

Massive well done to Harriet Connor who won all of her throws and achieved PBs in Shot Put 10.71 and Javelin 23.51

The next match is Saturday 18th June at Eastbourne BN21 2UF the more ladies we can get out to play the better we will do.

Please mark your diaries and let me know which events you’d like to do – we should be able to get a minibus again so there should be transport there and back for those that need it, followed by a social at The Popes Grotto.

Keep training and studying hard


Ladies Team Manager

Southern Athletics League match 1 – SMRAC off to winning start – women’s team report

Great success for our first match at Sutton. The men and ladies made a winning team :-). Full results available here.

It’s always great to see some regular faces and even more special seeing new faces. It can be a daunting thought competing for your club but once you’ve stepped into those shoes you realise its great to compete with a whole team supporting you and can even be fun!

We had a great day in 100m Sprints with Katy Barber coming 2nd for us in A string 100m and Dani Lampe winning the B string 100m.

Megan Read ran a really good 400m to come 2nd in the B string. We didn’t have anyone in the 800m as Rebecca swapped for field events and officiating to get rid of a chesty cough that landed in the week….great points scored in LJ, Shot, Javelin as well as officials more than made up for it!

Hendricka White came 3rd in B string 200m with a PB proving age is no barrier.

Tess Galunic ran her first race with us in the 1500m and got to run with the men as we were the only ladies team entries for this race…so Tess scored us max points.

Celia Livesey won A string high jump, competing well after a long break. Anais Hemetsberger filled a gap in high jump and came 2nd, thank you Anais.

Harriet Connor won all of her throws.

Kim Weir won Hammer A string, 2nd in B string Discus and 3rd in Long Jump as well as Team Managing the men.

Our ladies ran a speedy 4x100m but unfortunately were penalised for the final changeover.

There was only one team to beat in the 4x400m and when she cut infront of me 50m into the race, rather than just past the 100m we just had to get the baton round cleanly, a much easier feat on the 4x400m than the 4x100m.

We were missing hurdles, steeplechase and light on middle distance, if these are your favoured events please get in touch for the next match which is at Crawley Track RH11 9BQ on Sunday 22nd May, there will be a 5k and 1500m for ladies. Everyone that came this weekend….please come back for more 🙂


Ladies Team Manager

SAL ladies match report Poole 20th May 2015

The ladies had a very strong, full team, making it easy to cover events with fresh bodies and even having room for non-scoring. Kavitha ran a 100 & 200m non scoring and provided great support to teasm mates throughout the day. Liz Kipling sent her apologies leading up to the event, we missed you Liz and wish you a speedy recovery.

Ever grateful for the stalwarts Kate Brook, Clare Graham, Clare King, Rebecca and Lara – it was also good to have Lisa back in the pack.

Rachel Rodipe and Millie Beazley covered the 100m in style for us.

Millie also did a debut triple jump and jumped into second place for us.

Ciara was a welcome new addition to the team and filled the A string Pole Vault in style before running her first ever 200m in under 30 seconds.

Kate Brook had time to chill and catch up with folk for a change in between hurdles and jumping.

Rebecca ran an awesome 800m leg and another awesome leg of the 4x400m

Kim filled the B string Pole Vault and as no other teams filled this event we got all the points:-)

Caroline, Harriett and Rebecca took care of the throws for us.

Imogen ran a season’s best in her 800m and also stepped up to the 3k with another season’s best- another event that only SMRAC filled so more max points. Then ran well in 4x400m

Clare Graham bagged herself a PB in the 3k before having a catch up with Clare King and what looked like far too much fun, in a time some would have had to work hard for over steeplechase!

Clare King agreed to fill 400m B string, then filled in 1500m at very short notice before going onto steeplechase and a very brief rest before running a superb leg of 4x400m.

The relays were as always great fun – In the 4x100m Rachel got off to a flying start, putting me in a position to overtake two runners before passing over to Ciara who ran a great leg to pass onto Millie who took us home into 3rd place.

The 4x400m was also close and exciting, made up of Imogen, Clare King, Rebecca and I, we fought hard but victory was not to be ours today.

The next match is at Bracknell on Saturday 20th June, please put the date in your diary now, Kim is organising a minibus to help transport the team there – please let me know which events you’d like to do

Thank you once again ladies


SAL Men’s match report for Match 2 of 2015 – held on 30th May 2015 in Poole

Full results can be found here

Photos courtesy of Paul Graham:

Match report (by Kim Weir):

Exam season, injuries, weddings and Graded meets took it’s toll on the availability of men able to compete for SMRAC in Poole….. however, as usual, the guys stepped up in true SMRAC men’s team style. Every event was filled – well done chaps!!!

Newcomers to SAL were:

Ben Taylor who took on 400m (PB 58.4s), Long jump, 800m (PB 2:24.8) and provided an exemplary leg of the 4x100m

Nicholas Epiphaniou raced 100m (PB 11.9s) and 200m (PB 24.7s) and also was part of the 4x100m squad.

New comer to the club Mohsan Salimy LJ and 4x100m

Other track athletes were

Sam Dukes 100m (PB 12.1s) 200m (PB 25.1s) and 4x100m

Paul Graham Steeples (12:20.9) 3000m (PB 9:59.6) and then completed 400m (PB 69.4s) and a leg 4x400m.. (well done there young man)

Ben Williamson 800m (PB 2:16.6)

Alex Williamson 1500m

Thomas Cassidy 1500m, 3000m (PB 10:33.6) and then in true SMRAC style filled in on the Steeples (PB 13:12.9)

Harry McCulloch was on track for 110mH, 4x400m and performed on the field in Javelin, High Jump, Pole vault

Neil Jennings also ran 400mH, 110mH and 4x400m then jumped in High Jump and Triple Jump as well as threw a Javelin and Hammer

Adam Richardson started the day with 400mH and ended with 4x400m whilst in between he jumped in the Pole vault and Triple Jump as well as threw the Shot and Discus

Paul Derrien completed the men’s team with throws in the Hammer, Discus and Shot

I just want to say thank you to all the chaps who turned up to compete and to the officials Tim Gutch and Robin Chandler

The next match is on Sat 20th June in Bracknell – the team sheet will be opening soon.


Southern Athletics League Match report – Ashford 17th May

Please see match reports from the mens and womens team managers below:

Off we drove to Kent for match 2 in SAL of 2014. A warmer day than we have had in a while although it wasn’t the heatwave that everyone had been talking about all week. We were hosted by Ashford and the other visiting teams were Crawley and Worthing.

The score was :

Crawley  209

Ashford 181

Worthing 152.5

SMRAC  135.5

Men’s team

Team management for this particular match was a slightly more stressful affair than usual – 2 bonafide sprinters in the whole of the men’s squad – 1 of whom gave up his preferred 800m race to be in any shape to compete 200m, 400m and relays (cheers Omar and well done on your new PBs in 200m and 400m) and the other a Master (who, fortunately, is used to competing in Pentathlon and used to doing 5 events in a day – thanks Gary (400mH, Triple Jump, Long Jump, 800m and a relay).

One newcomer – Phillip Jackson (Ant’s younger brother) arrived to take on 200m, 400m and relays – welcome to you and hope we see you at a few more comps in the weeks / months to come.

Due to the lack of sprints athletes, the 100m A and B strings were filled by a 3000/ 5000m + steeplechaser (Ben Gibbons) and a 1500m specialist (Myles Kemp). PB’s for both of you in 100m. Myles left his watch off his wrist and ran a PB in the 1500m too while Ben managed a PB in the 3000m Steeples – and good of the two of you to take on speed events that you haven’t trained for.

Paul Derrien had to withdraw from the whole day after competing the Shot and then injuring himself on the first throw of the Hammer competition (although he made himself useful by getting involved in the officiating side for the rest of the day). Hope you repair quickly and we get you back doing what you do well soon.

Prakash Lee Cunningham came for the A string High Jump (thanks to his Mum for allowing him and few hours away from revision and for driving him all the way down to Ashford for just that event). Paul Graham turned up to take part in the Steeples.

Ant Jackson had a shot at the 800m and 3k as well as the 4x400m relay (and filled in on a bit of team management when I was out in the field).

Harry McCulloch and Neil Jennings then showed their true Decathlon attitude by competing in a multitude of events of all varieties – 8 for Harry and 9 for Neil. Without you 2 I think the day would have even more of a team manager’s nightmare…….. what can I say??? I know your better events suffer when you do so many events so all I can say is ‘Thanks for the sacrifices guys…. Is really appreciated’.

Just a note to athletes… if you find out the result has been recorded incorrectly – we didn’t have a track judge and when you inform me that I need to ‘sort it out’ after the main cohort of track judges / track referee etc have left their designated competition places, there is not a lot I can do. – a)  I don’t get to see all the end of every race with my own eyes so, as team manager I am often working off hearsay, b) as we didn’t provide a track judge, there is no-one on that side of the track to dispute on positions – it is not the timekeepers job to make a note of positions of finishers.

In future – if you think I need to argue your case – let me know asap after the event has completed.

I would also like to thank the people who gave up their Saturday’s to officiate too – without you these matches do not happen – Jim Macgregor, Robin Chandler, John Curtin, Peter Crewes and Tim Gutch.

The next SAL is at home (Twickenham) Saturday 21st June.  Please can you all let me know your availability asap.  Kim (Men’s Team manager)


Women’s team:

It was good to see some new faces – Mary for her debut in the 800m, 1500m and 4X400m, good to see Kate and Rebecca back for multi events, Kate jumping before hurdles, a bit more jumping and some throwing before relays. Kim throwing a discus and a shot for us as well as hammer. Lisa back attacking the hurdles, despite them attacking her at Eltham and getting a PB in the long jump, Lara running a cracking 3,000m for a new PB and also doing 1500m for us. Claire made her way over from timing at the Green Belt Relay to win the Steeplechase.

Next event is a home match Saturday 21st June get it in your diary and lets have a good home match


Southern Athletics League match 1 – Eltham Sat 19th April

With people dropping out of the men’s team very late in the day and the women struggling to fill the team sheet SMRAC headed off to Eltham in South East London for the first SAL of the summer 2014.

We were hosted by Cambridge Harriers and the other 2 teams were Dartford Harriers and Epsom & Ewell – all 3 teams who can put out decent competition every time we compete against them.

The final score was :

Dartford Harriers 206

Cambridge Harriers 192

Epsom & Ewell 166


We had several newcomers to the men’s team so welcome to Prakash Lee Cunningham, Paul Lowe, Myles Kemp, Ben and Alex Williamson and Colm Keenan. I hope you enjoyed the experience and will be back for more.

Several PB’s were to be had:

Harry McCulloch – High Jump (1.75m), Javelin (46.45m), Pole Vault (2.80m) and 110mH (19.35s). The last 3 events were all going on at the same time so an even more remarkable achievement.

Harry Littler – 100m (11.1s), 200m (22.81s), Long Jump (5.48m)

Omar Parsons – 800m (2:05.0m)

Paul Lowe – 800m (2:06.0), 1500m (4:16.0)

Harry Matthews – 5000m (16:50.0)

Alex Williamson – 5000m (18:21.9)

Adam Richardson – 400mH (76.5s)

Peter Christian – 2000m S/C (9:00.5)

Many thanks to all the guys who did turn up, competed and even too on events not normally done to make sure every event was filled – that has been the spirit of the SMRAC men’s team for a long time and it was great to see that it still exists.The full results are available here

I would also like to thank the people who gave up their Saturday’s to officiate too – without you these matches do not happen – Jim MacGregor, Robin Chandler, John Curtin, Peter Crewes, Tim Gutch, Paul Graham and Mr Connor (sorry – I don’t know your first name).

The next SAL is on Saturday 17th May in Ashford, Kent. Please can you all let me know your availability asap. Kim (Men’s Team manager).

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Event report for Tonbridge SAL

The final match of the Southern Athletics League (SAL) season saw the St Marys combined mens/womens team finish 2nd behind hosts Tonbridge (232) with a score of 179, well clear of 3rd placed Havant (163.5) with Team Kennet (105.5) who were 4th.

The team rounded off the SAL season with a flurry of personal best performances.  Harry McCulloch capitalised on having mastered 3 strides between the 110mH with a 19.96 clocking to finish 2nd in the A string.  Harry Matthews equalled his lifetime best of 4:43.44 in the 1500m.  Anthony Jackson and Paul Graham took the lions’ share of points in the 2000mSC with PB’s of 6:51:35 and 7:51.77, despite an unconventional approach nick-named the “barrel roll” of the latter over the barriers .  There were PBs in the triple jump for Sathira Don (10.04m) in the mens B and Heather Richardson (7.05m)/Sharon Dooley (6.30) for the women.

Despite disappointment at missing her speciality event [the hammer] due to a transportation mix-up, mens team manager Kim Weir continued her season of improvements in the throws launching the discus out to a PB of 14.12m to take 3 points for 2nd in the B string.  U20 multi-eventer Linus Field improved his lifetime bests in all three throws.  The mens 4x400m team produced a seasons best to finish a strong 2nd behind Tonbridge with Scott Rees recording a 52.6 split on the last leg.

The club secured wins from Harry Littler in the B string 100m and 200m, barrel rolling Paul Graham in the B string steeplechase, Adam Richardson in the A string shot, discus and hammer with Harry McCulloch ensuring maximum points for the team by taking the B string discus and hammer.  Marie Synott-Wells had the measure of an early leader from Havant in the womens 3000m, overhauling her with 2.5 laps to go on to win by 45 seconds.

Lisa Woodward joined earlier this summer to reacquaint herself with the joys of hurdling and sprints after a break of several years.  She finally succumbed to the desire to don a St Marys club vest and spikes to enjoy a baptism of fire in Tonbridge taking on the A string 100m and 100mh, the long-jump and 4x100m relay to alleviate the competitive pressure from team manager Kate Brook.

Thanks also go to Robin, Clare, Tim, Paul, Chris and John for services in track and field judging.

With a growing club in terms of athletes, coaches and officials coupled with improving performances across all events, St Marys will be well positioned to move forwards in the 2014 season.


SAL team second in Eltham

Well done to the combined SAL team who finished in second place on Sunday 15th July in the fourth league match of the season in Eltham, South East London.

In temperatures hitting 30 degrees, the team filled almost every event and held off a late charge from Ashford to move above them in the SAL division two south table. There were some outstanding performances, a number of strong wins and PBs tumbled despite the soaring temperatures.

On the men’s side maximum points were earned by Mutara Sheriff in the 200m A-string (a dip to die for), Anthony Jackson and Ben Gibbons dominated the 3000m (with only one athlete between them), Jonathan Winney won the high-jump (only narrowly failing an attempt at 2m), Paul Derrien took shot-putt A, Paul and Neil Jennings were head and shoulders above the competition in the hammer (the only two athletes above 22m with 44.47 and 35.28 respectively) and Harry McCulloch won the B Javelin (by nearly 4 metres).

On the ladies side maximum points were earned by Kate Brook (completing her usual hexathlon of events) by doubling with Clare Graham to dominate the 2000SC (with Clare winning in a 37 second PB 8:21.9 hurdling barriers properly for the first time), Kim Weir made up for previous disappointments to win the hammer by 2.33 (25.73) and Lillie Elsbury taking the B Javelin.

The real progress though is in the PBs and the depth we’re developing in the team both through recruitment and youth coming through.

In terms of PBs, the hurdling improvements from Clare delivered at 9.4 second PB in the B 400mH, Sathira Don PB’d in both the 800m (2:07.6) and the 3000mSC (10:44.4) and Jonathon Winney in the 200m.

Newcomer Bee Sayi provided strong support to seasoned campaigners Harriet Connor and Lillie Elsbury in the throws.  Harry McCulloch was clearly pleased to have improved his high hurdling technique taking the barriers at 3 strides to equal his PB.

Many thanks to all those who helped officiate and manage on the day – Trevor Cummings, John Curtin, the Connors, Paul Graham, Kim Weir and Kate Brook.

Full results available here.

The next meeting is in Tonbridge on Sat 10th August!  It’s the last SAL meeting of the season and we’re looking for a strong presence to really finish the series on a high.  We’re considering getting a bus organized to make transportation simpler.

SMRAC second in Winchester Southern Athletics League meeting

Congratulations to the Southern Athletics League team who finished in second place yesterday in a wet and windy Winchester.

Particular mentions go to Jamie Campbell, Rob Curtis, Peter Christian, Alex Williamson, Becky Hall and Imogen Cummings for making their SAL debuts.

Noteworthy performances included Kate Brook’s decathlon of events, Kim Weir’s 4*100m relay leg, Clare Graham’s 3 PBs (javelin, 400mH, discus), Mutara Sheriff’s 100m victory (11.3s into a strong headwind),  Ben Gibbons and Sathira Don’s 5,000m victories, Harry McCulloch’s 45m javelin victory, Jon Winney’s high jump and triple jump victories, Paul Derrien’s 39.36m discus and 44.34m hammer victory and Adam Richardson’s 11.35m PB in the triple jump.

Many thanks once again to all those who officated on the day (Robin, Tim, Jim, Rupert) and the team managers Kate and Kim.

The next meeting is on Sunday 14th July in Eltham.

Full results to follow.