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Please click on the names below to contact the relevant members of the 2015/16 Committee. If you are interested in filling any of the vacant positions please contact the Secretary Lisa Woodward.

Chairman Kim Weir
Vice Chairman John Curtin
Secretary Lisa Woodward
Treasurer John Curtin
Membership Secretary Kim Weir
Website Manager
Owen Delaney
Neil Jennings
Social Secretary Neil Jennings
Publicity Officer Vacant
Welfare Officer (Male) Kevin Coakley
Welfare Officer (Female) Vacant
SAL Men’s Team Manager Kim Weir
SAL Women’s Team Manager Sharon Dooley
YDL Team Manager U17/U20 Vacant
YDL Team Managers U13/U15
Hansley Jones
Matthew Lamb
Coach Co-ordinator Gerard Williams
Volunteer Coordinator Peter Crews
Minis Co-ordinator Rebecca Townsend
Vice Presidents
John Curtin
Gary Palmer
Robin Chandler
Ed Warner
President Dick Fisher
Non-Officer roles
Sprints Coordinator Gerard Williams
Throws Coordinator John Curtin
Jumps Coordinator Hansley Jones
Distance Coordinator Trevor Cummings
Junior coaching Coordinator Hansley Jones
Fund-raiser Vacant
Kit School Days, Whitton
Officials Secretary Peter Crews
Ranking Statistician – Men Neil Jennings
Ranking Statistician – Women Liz Kipling
XC League team manager Doug Poncia
Rosenheim Team Manager John Greig
Sprints Race Mentor Mutara Sheriff